Ashley BrownAshley Brown
13:43 22 Nov 23
As a kid I’d go here each year with my parents and sisters. It was such a joy to share this experience with my kiddos. The maze is cute and fun; be prepared for lots of walking. There’s water available in the center of the maze. Food trucks and other activities. My kids love the pumpkin tractor ride the most! We had a blast and would highly recommend the supporting of this family owned business 🎃 go check them out!
Kim ChambersKim Chambers
01:30 16 Nov 23
The second year going here. We absolutely love it.
Kasie BakerKasie Baker
20:57 14 Nov 23
Family friendly! Great experience!
Lexi BrownLexi Brown
16:25 14 Nov 23
love it
Pamela StevenPamela Steven
19:34 09 Nov 23
This place was ok. We didn't really like the staff treated us. But that is how it goes.
Lianne SpeersLianne Speers
17:22 08 Nov 23
jacob dolljacob doll
03:18 07 Nov 23
16:47 02 Nov 23
This place is litFr one of the best fall fest events in the area. The corn maze is fun, the food and cider is really good
Amber ColonAmber Colon
15:39 02 Nov 23
The perfect annual tradition with our niece’s
justin gearhardtjustin gearhardt
02:40 01 Nov 23
The Maze stood no chance against me💪🏻
Jacqueline JacksonJacqueline Jackson
11:07 31 Oct 23
Love this place great for the whole family
14:28 29 Oct 23
The staff are very friendly. The pumpkins they sell are super affordable. Much cheaper than you can get anywhere else. The pumpkins are also beautiful and very symmetrical. The actual maze was really fun. The day I went this year, it rained all morning so the field was super muddy and quite slippery. Luckily we all had rain boots so none of us fell. The past few years that I've gone it wasn't muddy at all and you can easily walk through the path. I highly recommend. It's fun for both kids and adults. There is plenty of free parking. My only complaint is that they only have porta potties.
Melanie HelplingMelanie Helpling
22:32 28 Oct 23
Regina CoffeyRegina Coffey
20:20 27 Oct 23
Love love it here, the owners are awesome will go back year after year❤️
Brittany KelleyBrittany Kelley
11:11 23 Oct 23
Tabitha BradenTabitha Braden
20:56 22 Oct 23
Rick's PixRick's Pix
22:57 21 Oct 23
a very unsafe traffic situation at Farmersville - West Carrollton Road and Germantown Liberty Road created by this business. Please be careful and obey the stop signs and yield to through traffic on Farmersville - West Carrollton Road. I care about the customer's safety...accident today at the intersection!! 10/21/23
Sarah M.Sarah M.
20:11 21 Oct 23
Nathan DentonNathan Denton
01:03 21 Oct 23
Amber LucasAmber Lucas
04:31 18 Oct 23
Soooo much fun!!!
Greg HymanGreg Hyman
15:53 17 Oct 23
Always a great time. Very well done every year, always worth coming back!The group of "teens" who like to throw ears of corn at random in the dark are going to hurt someone; they should be taken care of Wicker Man style. But that's out of Tom's control.
Amber EasomAmber Easom
16:12 16 Oct 23
Tom's maze is a good time with the family. We split into groups and had a race. Grown ups lost. Some finish in 30 minutes some take an hour or two. I suggest walking all the way back along the orange trail and start back there and move forward. Also if you find that you have to use the restroom, there are porta potties along the outer orange trail. It cost $10 per person to do the maze (ages 5 and up).They also had concessions on the property, hot chocolate, water, soda, ect. Also a food truck. The farm had a few more activities but we just enjoyed the maze and some kettle corn and hot cocoa. The maze is different every year to keep things interesting. Dress for the weather.
Matt HoffmanMatt Hoffman
21:22 15 Oct 23
Our first time visiting and we will be returning every fall!
18:09 15 Oct 23
Always go here every year and never gets old. They change the maze and make it more interesting every year.
Ronnie NoonchesterRonnie Noonchester
01:48 15 Oct 23
We have been coming for 15 years, but this was our first time doing the campfire experience. Highly recommend it. Great family fun for all ages. We had a range from 4 to college kids plus adults. Nathan who helped set up the fire was respectful and polite. Great experience.
Ken HunterKen Hunter
21:30 14 Oct 23
This is a fun place and definitely worth the drive from the Dayton area. We spent over 3hrs exploring the maze and cooking over the fire at one of the designated campfire sites. They sell pumpkins and there are plenty of porta potty restrooms. There were a couple of food trucks and additional activities for kids.
02:05 14 Oct 23
My wife and I took our 2 year old in her wagon and our 11 year old and we had a blast. I haven’t had fun like that since I was a kid. I think the only complaint is that I haven’t been before. We’ll definitely be making it a family visit every year from now on!!
As the way I see itAs the way I see it
19:06 13 Oct 23
Addy HoltzmanAddy Holtzman
11:17 10 Oct 23
Finished in 45 minutes! So much fun
Harsh VariaHarsh Varia
19:10 08 Oct 23
april evansapril evans
16:57 08 Oct 23
Seriously this is the best corn maze. They have cored tape to tell you what section you are in. It was great fun and we completed it in the dark in an hour and half. Just went during the day was just as fun!
Forrest GumbyForrest Gumby
02:24 08 Oct 23
This was so much fun! I can’t wait to come back next year. You find clues to complete your map and find the way out. Great for all ages. We had a group with ages ranging from 6-45. People split into smaller groups and we had a contest to see who finished first. Free parking. $10 for the maze 5 & up. $1 to ride the tractor. There was another maze where you couldn’t turn left. It was fun to watch people figure it out. You can reserve camp fire areas. We did not take part in that. Maybe next time. They had two food trucks and some snacks available.
Willie SteineckerWillie Steinecker
23:54 07 Oct 23
We go every year, it's a great time!Pro Tip: check the weather and dress accordingly.
Ryan EvansRyan Evans
18:29 07 Oct 23
Really fun!
Crystal LakerCrystal Laker
19:34 03 Oct 23
This is a great maze. The people there are so nice and we had a great time!
Chad DeatonChad Deaton
16:39 29 Sep 23
I would call before waisting a drive. Drove over an hr to be there after driving all night from Alabama. They advertised opening at 12 then they changed their time till 3. This makes it hard to run a successful business with no stability. I’ll never make another attempt to return.
Tonee PleasantTonee Pleasant
14:09 29 Sep 23
What in the hell? $10 per person for admission?? Our family have been coming here for years (except the last 2/3 years). When we visited it was $5 per person and I found that reasonable because you spend more money for activities too. But NOW! this is ridiculously priced!! PLUS I have a big family! My family can’t afford this 😩
Jim SextonJim Sexton
09:34 19 Sep 23
Kathryn JordanKathryn Jordan
22:24 17 Sep 23
Tom’s Maze is THE quintessential fall activity. There’s lots to do for everyone in the family. There’s a small wildflower maze and a train for little kids, and there’s the big maze, food trucks, and plenty of pumpkins to buy for the big kids (and big kids at heart!).All of the team is kind, pleasant, and very helpful.I will always recommend Tom’s Maze to anyone looking for a fun, wholesome fall activity. Would give 10 stars if I could!
Crystal SolesCrystal Soles
22:12 10 Sep 23
It was fun doing things with my family. Great exercise. I just wished they would have different types of foods and drinks.
Marty DavenportMarty Davenport
11:58 12 Aug 23
Rick BiancoRick Bianco
18:04 14 Dec 22
This is a terrific place and we'll be back.
Brenda MBackBrenda MBack
00:47 11 Dec 22
Catherine WeisCatherine Weis
20:24 15 Nov 22
Ready to get lost in the corn? Tom's Maze will give you quite the corn maze experience.
Leigh SLeigh S
15:54 13 Nov 22
Fun time with the kids!
Garrett StephensGarrett Stephens
17:35 28 Oct 22
We love Tom’s Maze! The family that runs this place clearly puts a lot of love and care into this gem of a farm. There’s a huge satisfaction in completing your map and seeing their finished design that keeps us coming back every year.Bring your friends, say hello to the goats (that they rescued 🥺) and have fun in the maze.Pro-tip: save the gift shop as your last stop so you don’t spoil the maze pattern (they sell t-shirts with each year’s maze)!
Emilie SchulzeEmilie Schulze
13:57 11 Oct 22
A fun corn maze - we got to see them shoot a pumpkin a half mile while was a highlight. Would recommend for anyone looking for a fun corn maze without too high of a level of difficulty. I would not recommend eating at the corn maze because the food options are limited.
14:00 01 Oct 22
Took a group from work to Tom's and they were great. Had a private camp fire space to hang out and eat. The maze and human fusbol was so fun. Take a date, take a group, just go! It's a beautiful property and great time.
Lisa KoepkeLisa Koepke
20:13 28 Jun 22
Perfect fall adventure. Tom’s Maze is the best. Hide and seek puzzle pieces located in mailboxes throughout create a map of the maze. Pumpkin Chucking, labyrinth, and left / right turn mazes are extra fun details.Check for times and dates September-October.
Jen MJen M
01:57 19 Sep 21
How fun! Highly recommend. This was our first corn maze. It took us over an hour, in the dark. It was a lot of fun. They have a little maze for small children. If you don’t have a flashlight , they sell them for $3. They have tons of pumpkins as well. Super cute. Everyone was very nice and helpful. It felt like a very safe and family oriented environment.
Rebecca CopelandRebecca Copeland
00:28 17 Sep 21
Our first time and we loved it! The maze is very stroller friendly! Kids all loved it and gave us all a mini quest! Can't wait to visit again! Also had a great selection of pumpkin and the kids loved seeing the animals 🙂
Lloyd DavisLloyd Davis
00:00 26 Oct 20
A fantastic day, we went as a group. The food was great, made fresh and hot! The Cocoa was terrific the entire time we Love the atmosphere... The maze layout was challenging and quite fun, The staff was very friendly and courteous as always. My family has been going for years and I think you and yours should too.
Kasey Raia StoutKasey Raia Stout
00:40 21 Oct 19
This was an awesome experience! A great place for a family or anyone looking for a fun fall activity. The maze took us about 45 minutes (2 adults). We would definitely recommend doing at least once! There were also some other fun activities for kids like a mini maze and human foosball. Also there is a pumpkin canon! There is a little trailer where you can buy food, and a little barn where you can purchase pumpkins. There was a big variety, with multiple kinds and sizes. Overall, a great activity.